Shree Hari

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Bhagwad Charcha (Discussion) on Swamiji’s Pravachan in Hindi  

Apna Kuch Nahi

Asat ka Aadar Mool Baadha

Chinta Shouk Kaise Mite ?

Guru ki Aavashyakta

Kaliyug mein Saavdhaan

Keval Bhagwan ka Ashray

Kyaa Praarabdh Taala Ja Sakta Hai ?

Laalsa ki Kami

Mamaivaansho -Hum Kiske Ansh Hai

Nishthaa aur Shraddha

Praapti Mein Swatantrata

Prem Sadhak ka Khaas Kaam

Saadhan aur Saadhya

Saadhan mein Sthaayi Rehne ke Upaaya

Sab mein Paramatma Hi Hai

Samay ki Mahima - Chetavani

Sarva Bhoota Hite Rataa

Sarvagatah, Bandhan aur Mukti

Shouk Nahi Karna

Swayam Vichaar Kare

Vaastavik Sambandh



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ATTENTION:   Sadhaks with good voices and sentiments of Swamiji are needed to record few key lectures in English – mp3 format about 15-20 minutes, from Vishesh Pravachan or Q&A messages.   Please email us at if you are able to do this seva.