Shree Hari

Audio – Ease in God Realization

 (from books and discourses by Swami Ramsukhdasji)





1.    The way to Instantaneous Self-Realization


2.    There is no delay in attaining Spiritual Enlightenment


3.    The method to Purify the Inner Sense


4.    The Main Obstacle to Spiritual Discipline


5.    The World is Perishing


6.    How to Derive Benefit from Association with the Good?


7.    Renunciation of One’s Desire, the Easy Means of Emancipation


8.    Renunciation of Thoughts of the World leads to Emancipation


9.    Let One’s Spiritual Practice be Free from Doubt


10.  Success of Human Life


11.  Salvation is Self-Evident


12.  How to be Free from Bondage


13.  Behold God Everywhere


14.  True Humanity


15.  Singularity of Seeking Refuge


16.  Quintessence of Dharma (Righteousness)


17.   Faith and Curiosity


22.   Harm in Attaching Importance to the Perishable


23.    Human Birth is the Very Last of All Births


24.    Improving both this World and Beyond, while being in Householder life


25.    Beholding God in Everyone


26.    Liberation is Inborn and Natural