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Abortion (Garbhpaat)/Family Planning (Parivar niyojan)  





Should we accept in marriage a daughter from a family where abortion has taken place? 

विवाहमें उस घरसे लड़की ले क्या, जहाँ गर्भपात हुआ है ?

In ignorance an abortion was done, what can be done now? 

अनजानपनेमें गर्भपात किया अब क्या करें ?

What to do when abortion was done in ignorance,  call out to God 

अज्ञानतामें हुआ, क्यार करें ? 

A mistake was committed what is the remorse now?     

गलतीका प्रायश्चित क्या करें


How to abstain from Abortion? 

गर्भपातकी निवृत्ति कैसे हो ?    

To inspire for people to have and raise children


बालकोंको पालनेकी प्रेरणा



Without Family Planning there will be shortage of food supply?   

परिवार नियोजन नहीं करनेसे अनाजकी कमी होगी?

We have to have tubes tied, it is a necessity! 

नसबंधी करनी पड़ती है ! 

What are the benefits of family planning?  

परिवार नियोजनसे क्या लाभ

With Population increasing, all will suffer    

जनसंख्या बढ़नेसे सब दुःखी

Problem associated with more population explosion

ज्यादा जनसंख्याकी समस्या

Unknowingly I was operated to avoid further children,  now what is the atonement?     

अज्ञानतामें ओपरेशनका प्रायश्चित

I am unable to have enough self control as a means of family planning, what to do?   

सयंम रखनेमें कठिनता

Should   children be adopted?

बच्चे गोद लेने चाहिये क्या?  

On prevention, before entering of Soul in fetus.   

गर्भमेंजीव आनेसे पहले