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Mother Cow Protection (GAU MATA)  



The Government is not banning the killing of cows, what to do? 

सरकार गौ हत्या बांध नहीं कर रही है, क्या करे? 

Of the two, divine name repetition and serving the cows, which is greater? 

नाम जप और गौ सेवा में श्रेष्ट कौन?

In slaughter houses, who all are contributors to the sinful act? 

कसाईखाने में पाप के भागी कौन? 

Can one attain realization (Self/God) by serving the Cows?     

गौसेवा से प्राप्ति हो सकती है क्या?


Should cow’s milk be extracted by injecting them? 

सुई लागाके दूध निकालना चाहिए क्या?

Should there be any cow and animal fairs where there is buying/selling of animals?   

गौ मेला होना चाहिए क्या?