Shree Hari

Audio Desires

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(Based on English Translation of Swami Ramsukhdasji)

     Why is there desire for pleasures?

     How are we know whether we do or do not have desires (kamana) and attachments (mamta)

     What is the difference between "desire" for pleasures and "hope"?

     Let our sorrows come to an end - should one have or not have this desire?

     How to be free of desire for worldly possessions and sense enjoyments?

     Desire for the world and desire for God, both desire appear quite contrary and opposing, do these reside in one place?

     How do both these desires, (desire for the world and desire for God) reside in the same place?

     What are the different kinds of desires?

     How can one become free of desires forever?

     We feel that the desired object changes, but the desire always remains?

     We can renounce all other desires, but renouncing the desire to live seems very difficult?










ATTENTION: Sadhaks with good voices and sentiments of Swamiji are needed to record few key lectures in English mp3 format about 5-15 minutes, from books or Q&A messages or any spiritual topic of personal interest.   Please email us at if you are able to do this seva. Or if you are interested in offering any other type of service then too you may email us.