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Audio – DUTY


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(Based on English Translation of Swami Ramsukhdasji)


·     Why does it appear to be difficult to fulfill one's duties and obligations? 

·     What is the reason for not having knowledge about one's duties/obligations (kartavya) and that which are not one's duties/obligations?

·     When one has a meal, with sentiments of selflessness (nishkaam bhava), then fruit (results) in the form of satisfaction is inevitable, then how is it that those actions that are done without a selfish motive, that they do not bare any fruit?

·     How are the actions divine in the path of Devotion (Bhakti marg) ? 

·    How to do both, remember God and Do Duty? 

In Gita, God says to be in remembrance of Him and fight the war, in the words,  also do your duty (kartavya karma) – ‘Maamanusmara yuddyacha’  (Gita 8/7).  If a man is in remembrance of God, then he will not be able to perform his duty properly, and if his mind is engaged in dutiful actions,  then he will not be able to remember God;  therefore how to do both at the same time ?  

·    What is the difference between these four -  ‘kriya’,  ‘karma’, ‘upaasana’  and ‘vivek’ ? 













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