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Welcome to Audio - Gita Madhurya

 Based on English Translation of Swami Ramsukhdasji

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Gita Madhurya

Chapter 1     -  Arjuna’s Dejection


Chapter 2.1 - Knowledge, Discrimination Yoga

Chapter 2.2 - Knowledge, Discrimination Yoga

Chapter 3   - Karma (Action) Yoga

Chapter 4     -  Action and Renunciation Yoga

Chapter 5     -  Action and Renunciation Yoga

Chapter 6   - Self Control and Meditation Yoga

Chapter 7   - Knowledge and Realization Yoga

Chapter 8   - Knowledge of Imperishable Brahma Yoga

Chapter 9   - Science of Sovereigns & Royal Secrets

Chapter 10 - Divine Glories Yoga

Chapter 11 - The Vision of the Cosmic Form Yoga

Chapter 12 - Devotion Yoga

Chapter 13 - Field and Knowers Vibhaag Yoga

Chapter 14 - Three Modes of Nature Yoga

Chapter 15 - Supreme Entity (Purushottama) Yoga

Chapter 16 - Divine and Demoniac Vibhaag Yoga

Chapter 17 - Threefold Faith Yoga

Chapter 18 - Liberation by Renuniciation Yoga



ATTENTION:   Sadhaks with good voices and sentiments of Swamiji are needed to record few key lectures in English – mp3 format about 15-20 minutes, from Vishesh Pravachan or Q&A messages.   Please email us at if you are able to do this seva.  Or if you are interested in offering any other type of service then too you may email us.